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A regular business credit card will probably serve you better if your company doesn’t fit this description. Rho is known for its flexible repayment options and cash-back rewards. If your company needs more than just a corporate card program, Rho offers a full-on commercial banking suite and accounts payable solution. Beyond flexible repayments and competitive cash back rates, Rho also includes unlimited physical and virtual employee cards, custom logos on cards, and card-level controls. To know when a credit card’s annual fee is worth it, you’ll need to compare your spending habits with the perks and benefits that come with a credit card with an annual fee.

  • The Executive Explorer card offers some very generous travel benefits.
  • Corporate cards often have rewards schemes targeted toward business purchases, travel perks, and other benefits, such as fraud protection or online account management.
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As for business credit cards, they typically just require you to have good to excellent personal and/or business credit. Read the following article for details on improving your business credit score. Divvy doesn’t just offer a corporate credit card with spending rewards. The company offers a full-on expense management suite that automates a company’s expense reporting while also providing team-by-team budgeting services. What’s more, your business doesn’t even have to be incorporated to qualify — Divvy let us know that it accepts sole proprietors in addition to corporations and LLCs. All told, corporate credit cards are best suited for companies with many employees and large cash flows.

BILL Spend & Expense

Credit cards that charge an annual fee usually come with enhanced perks you’re unlikely to find with a credit card that doesn’t have an annual fee. But you’ll have to take advantage of these perks to help offset the costs of the annual fee. You’ll need to look at the card’s benefits and features to find the ones that matter most to you. Corporate credit cards sport varying eligibility requirements, although they will almost always be more difficult to qualify for than a business card. That’s because these cards are targeted toward larger companies with higher revenues. You can mix and match these cards to fit your employees’ travel and spending habits.

Discounts are available, but you’ll be paying even more if your company’s spending on the Expensify Card doesn’t total at least 50% of your company’s total spending. Expensify’s corporate card works with its automated expense management platform and offers a very high cash back rate to businesses with high spending needs. Capital One’s One card is a corporate card option with solid rewards and accounts payable features.

For more information on the differences between the two, check out our article on corporate cards versus business credit cards. The accounts payable and expense management features python linear optimization package also make it easy for small businesses to manage their spending. Note that Bank of America’s corporate card program is separate from its stable of business credit cards.

Check out Bank of America’s business credit card lineup if you have a small business and are looking for a business credit card. The Divvy corporate credit card features a flexible rewards program that adjusts based on how frequently you pay off your balance. Besides rewards, the card has several other benefits, such as virtual cards, a flexible credit line of up to $15 million, and standard security features. Ramp offers an excellent corporate credit card with a flat 1.5% cash back rate on all purchases.

  • As for business credit cards, they typically just require you to have good to excellent personal and/or business credit.
  • You’ll need to look at the card’s benefits and features to find the ones that matter most to you.
  • Credit card companies attract customers by offering incentives, and nothing says incentive like a sign-up bonus (also known as a welcome offer) worth hundreds of dollars.
  • If you spend $95 a year for a credit card but earn hundreds of dollars in rewards on your normal, everyday spending, the value of the card outweighs the cost of the annual fee.
  • Corporate credit cards are designed for large businesses with a lot of employees, so they generally come with more robust expense reporting tools.

If you spend $95 a year for a credit card but earn hundreds of dollars in rewards on your normal, everyday spending, the value of the card outweighs the cost of the annual fee. Yes, you can get denied a corporate card if you don’t meet the creditor’s requirements. If you don’t qualify for a corporate card, you might consider applying for a more traditional business credit card. Check out our article on our top picks for business credit cards to weigh your options.

Sign-up bonus

With Expensify, companies that spend over $250K/month will enjoy some of the highest cash back earnings available anywhere, along with a robust spend management platform. We’re sorry, but something went wrong and we couldn’t find your review options as a strategic investment approval odds. Instead, you’ll see recommended credit ranges from the issuers listed next to cards on our site. credit ranges are derived from FICO® Score 8, which is one of many different types of credit scores.

Why We Chose Brex As The Best Corporate Credit Card For Large Businesses & Tech Startups

This could be spending done in certain categories, like supermarkets, gas, or restaurants. Some cards will let you earn rewards on all your spending, but some have spending caps, which are limits on credit card rewards. Ramp offers a free corporate card and finance management system for small businesses. By clicking “See my odds” you agree to our Terms of Use (including our Prequalification Terms) and Privacy Policy. Many intro 0% APR credit cards last more than a year and can run anywhere from 15 to 21 months.

Who is responsible for corporate credit card debt?

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Why We Chose Amex Corporate Cards As The Best Options For Different Levels Of Employees

If you’re looking for an intro 0% APR offer, make sure it gives you as much time as possible to pay off your balance before the introductory period ends. And if you’re looking to do a balance transfer, pay attention to the balance transfer fee, which could be 3% or 5% of the amount of each balance transfer. Sign-up bonuses welcome new cardmembers with generous cash back rewards, points, or airline miles after spending a certain amount within a specific time frame. For example, you might come across an offer to earn $200 after spending $500 within three months of account opening. From paying off existing debt to saving for a much-needed vacation, just think about all the ways you could spend your credit card sign-up bonus.

If you have to spend more than you normally do or make purchases outside your normal spending just to earn a bonus, chances are that bonus isn’t going to be worth the hassle or debt you incur. The Brex corporate card offers a great rewards program, advanced spend management and expense tracking, automated invoicing, and more — all without personal liability, a credit check, or account fees. When examining your various options, you’ll need to decide which aspects to prioritize in a corporate card program.